What To Do On An Occasion Of Domestic Abuse And Violence

Studies have showed that domestic violence and abuse are extremely popular in this day and age. It has been happening since the beginning of mankind, and people rarely try to get out of the mess they are in due to the fear of getting caught to their significant other. The victims of domestic abuse are almost always women. It is mostly popular in rural areas of all countries, and in some cultures it is even considered “manly” to hit and punish their wife. However, it is a terrible practice that has lasting psychological effects, which would give terrible repercussions in the future.

 Call for help

 Social services is highly active in many countries, if the beating or the abuse becomes unbearable, always be sure to call them. If you feel like calling social services is scary, make sure to at least tell a close friend or a relative who would vouch for you, and who would take care of the problem at hand in some manner. Never try to keep your mouth shut thinking that it would be different the next time, because it wouldn’t. You are even holding the right to go for a marriage annulment to legally cut off the bond. Domestic abuse is a vicious cycle where men (almost always) can’t get out of, unless they get help. Be sure to always call out for help, because there are plenty of people and organizations who are more than willing to help you.

 Get out

 If you’re in an abusive relationship, and if you’re uncomfortable to tell anyone, then, get out of it. Call a good divorce lawyer in Singapore, and then get yourself out of the marriage if you’re married, or just remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. If you think you have nowhere to go, go to the nearest police station and file for a complaint. Your plight will always be heard at these institutions, and if you’re unable to take any remedial action by yourself, they will always suggest you the things that can be done.

 Find a place for you to stay

 If the violence continues, and if there is absolutely no way where you could get out of it, you must find a safe place for you to stay. Talk to a confidant, a special friend or a close relative, whatever you see fit; and then make sure you have a place you could run to if things get out of hand. Make sure there is always someone you could rely on, if you face the worst case scenario.

 Domestic abuse and violence is a groaning problem all over the world. Make sure to know how you could be protected.