Traits Of A Good Maths Teacher

Different people have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. The same applies when it comes to school. For instance, one might be a genius at physics yet bad at chemistry. In the same way, one might ace mathematics, but at the same time be weak in sports. Regardless of which you are, at the end of the day it does boil down to the teacher and how committed you are to fixing the problem. Here, we are going to look at what makes a solid maths teacher, so if you are hunting for one, you know what to look for.


Of course this also largely depends on the teacher’s personality, but there are some teachers who are able to adapt to any and all students. This is because they are flexible with their teaching style, changing it as they fit. A teacher that is too strict is certainly no good at all. Students would be terrified to make mistakes, and when a subject like maths is in question, this is not an option. Too lax, and the students will not take the teacher serious. When it comes to JC maths tuition, there needs to be a good balance between the two.


Frankly, this is a trait that any teacher needs to have not just a maths teacher, but when maths is concerned, there needs to be extra care involved. A teacher who loves his/her job is invested in the success of their students. Hence, when looking for a tutor make sure that they really care about what they do. They should not simply be waltzing in and out of the class, not caring less about what the students get upto. They need to closely follow the student’s progress and advise them on how they can improve.


There are two types of teachers; those who know what they have been taught and those who keep learning regardless of what they have been taught. It is the latter that results in good teachers. A maths teacher in particular should be well-versed in all theories. Plus, they should continue to learn themselves. Whether they teach at a math tuition centre, a school or in private, this is very important. How else would they be able to impart the importance of education to their students?


Yet again, this is a quality that any teacher and, for that matter, any human being should have. Patience is the fundamental trait a teacher must embrace. It is no good simply being proficient in the subject matter. When a subject like this is concerned, it can be trying to walk students through the same concepts over and over again, but that is what teaching is all about. Which is why one needs to have a bucket-load of patience to expend. If you yourself are thinking of becoming a teacher one day, bear this in mind!