Top Four Reasons That Are Causes For Killer Foot Aches

Everyone goes through foot aches at point or the other. But what we need to understand is why exactly we encounter them. Understanding this will hopefully reduce your cost on gel and high gram medications. No one wants a killer foot ache to ruin their night of fun or comfort of sleep. Because that is exactly what an untreated foot ache shall do. Here are the causes that leads to this;

Foot structure Over time many structural issues relevant to a person’s foot have been discovered. And these range from flat feet, bow legs, high arch heels and over time leading towards arthritis as well, when not treated properly. Sometimes these bulges that form in one’s foot too could be because of such conditions or it could even be genetics. However if one chooses to undergo quality bunion treatments in Singapore beforehand, he or she could avoid the complications they may have to face as time goes by. Accordingly even something as simple as the foot structure could cause foot aches and if they aren’t treated on time, they could lead to even complicated conditions.

Obesity It is your feet that bear the entire weight of your body, just like how the concrete pillars and foundation support a huge building. In the case of the building, if the height and weight of it is too much to be borne by the foundation and pillars, it would collapse. That is because the strength and support from the base is not strong enough to support it. Similarly your body as well should be balanced in weight to be held by your feet. So no matter how many bunion relief medications you may follow or use, it would be of no use if your weight and height are too much to be borne by your feet. So take it upon yourself to reduce your weight and maintain a balanced BMI.

Ill-fitted shoesNo matter how stylish the six inch stilettoes and pumps are, they definitely aren’t medically approved for your feet. Think of comfort first, and not the number of your shoe size. Sometimes people are just too embarrassed to acknowledge that they have large feet and huge shoe sizes, so they opt to buy smaller sizes. What you need to realize is that you don’t need to impress society or anyone for that matter. Think of yourself and comfort first. This will definitely be something that you would come to appreciate when you have to encounter killer foot aches as a result of your ridiculousness.

OverdoingThere may be moments where you can’t seem to catch a break and you are constantly on the go, moving and moving. This continuous moving does affect your feet and will definitely guarantee you a killer feet ache. So be sure to relax for a while and rest your feet, especially if you don’t want to suffer from arthritis any time soon.

Be concern of these reasons and avoid the possibility of having to face killer foot aches!