Three For The Price Of One

My grandma makes the best cookies. She is not so great with ‘’face time’’. But her cookies are to die for!

Grams is an old soul without any frills, but she is very stubborn and sometimes wants things to remain the same as she knows it. Many of us like grams is resilient to change and anything unknown. It is a conceivable human trait which many of us share with one another.

Change and death are the two only constants of life, while I’d rather not indulge in passing comments on death, ‘’change’’ has revolutionised the whole world and ‘’change’’ will continue to happen. Therefore grams and even we need to get on the band wagon.

Change is happening everywhere in the world, the world as you know it may be changing as we speak. From minute things to things of great magnitude ‘’change’’ takes place.

As an IT Support company in Singapore our job is to ease your organization into the impact of the said change. With us you will learn to act rather than react to any adaptation. Becoming accustomed to something new can be a challenge, especially if it comes with territories such as Information technology.

Our goal is to work side-by-side with our clients to assist in efficient resource allocation. We have the expertise and means to cater to every IT support you require. We are more than happy to customize our services to work around the nature of your business and the culture of your organization and tailor make from scratch to fit right in.


Though we provide IT related support services from A to Z we like to break down the options available to you.

Project IT services

Let us help you update and upgrade your IT systems according to the business environment you operate in. Your organization or technology will only weather high tides and storms if you are equipped to do so. Whether you’re relocating your IT office or even branching out to a prime location, transferring to new technologies or venturing out to be bigger and better, we’ll manage the IT aspects of the whole progression from beginning to end.

Managed IT services

Once you are all set up, we like to journey through your milestones with you by being your day to day IT support guru so you can focus on more important things such as hitting the expected figures for the month. We are more than happy to keep your system up and running for you as your day to day support system adhering to your organizations standards and ways.

Consultancy services

Thinking of starting something new? We can help appraise your IT environment alongside your business and arrive at recommendations which align with your corporate goals and even plan out an entire IT and communications system for you.

There is nothing we can’t do. We are really three for the price of one!