The Extreme Importance Of Having A Fire Exit

Once a fire is borne, it spreads really fast, and even though one may be able to out run the fire, they would not be able to escape the smoke and may even suffer from inhaling smoke. And when the fire starts, the smoke builds up fast especially within closed areas where there is no space for it to exit. Here it is necessary to evacuate all persons in the building towards safety as soon as possible. With the panic and rush of evacuation, there should be many exit ways that should have already been built, those that could allow a large crowd to exit at once. Accordingly it is clear that having an already built fire exit is important, here are a couple other reasons that contribute towards this importance;

Evacuating all those part of a fire and those that may have suffered from it already, is necessary mainly in order to avoid further damage and exposure to fire and smoke. A quality condo fire rated door shall ensure that all those part of the apartment are evacuated with in no time with the help of the authorities and their assistants. This ensures that even in the case where there may not be a fire there is still an escape route that could be used in case there actually was one. There are also fire drills that may have been followed by the residents as per the instruction of the management and this too contributes to the overall safety of the building and its residents.

Conserves the building
Each and every fire rated door is designed in manner that prevents fire heat and smoke from entering easily and through that spreading further. Accordingly it helps to preserve the building without harming and damaging the entire construction. It limits the fire to only a particular place.

Management of the fire
The managing the fire, means that with the help of specialized exits and doors, the building is capable of restricting the easy transfer of smoke and heat that could suffocate all residents. The temperature sensitive exits that have been designed are capable of preventing the transfer of heat and this means that the other side of the door and the occupants in it, are somewhat safeguarded.

Accordingly it is more than clear that there is a huge level of importance that should be given to fire exits and these do not have to be installed only in high storied building but could also be installed in homes as well depending on the availability and requirements.