Pregnancy And Physiotherapy

Pregnancy has always been described as a nine months long journey full of emotional swings and pain, but yet a wonderful journey. The range of pains that a woman can feel during her pregnancy are varied, with back pain being the most common of all. Experts have said that most of the pains can also be exacerbated by the fact that pregnancies are getting later and later into a woman’s years. The average age at which women bear children now is at around 25 years globally, but in developed nations, the actual age can actually be a decade later. Accordingly, most women in their mid-years might not be physically active anymore – especially with the sedentary lifestyles prominent today – and will not even have the strength possessed by young adults. This can make pregnancy and childbirth a difficult exercise for them, and it can increase the prospects of pains and injuries.

However, make no mistake. Pain is almost synonymous to pregnancy: you might be more susceptible to it when you get older, but you will still feel a degree of pains even if you are pregnant in your twenties yet. What we wish to highlight by this is that pain is common and normal – and that you should get help regardless of your age. In fact, nowadays, body aches related to pregnancy can be alleviated by a number of medical practices, and one you might want to consider is physio treatments. 

Physiotherapy is a field of medicine that deals with alleviating muscular and skeletal pains through massage and exercise. It is also common as a form of rehabilitation in the aftermath of an accident or invasive surgery. And, it also an ideal treatment to undertake during pregnancy. You can ask your OB/GYN or general practitioner for a referral, but generally, physiotherapy does not warrant recommendations from other doctors, so you can visit one at your own discretion. The physiotherapist can start their treatment from the first appointment itself furthermore, so there is some sort of reward for your efforts on the first day itself. The increased awareness on pregnancy and related treatments has also led to the creation of separate physiotherapy classes for pregnant women, such as Pilates classes both for pre and post-natal mothers, and home physio in Singapore in the case of late pregnancies, so there really is no reason to think that you cannot visit a physiotherapist.

The advantages of visiting a physiotherapist for pregnancy are not simply in alleviating existing pains, but also in preventing the arising of probable pains. Furthermore, the exercise regimens that will be given to you can play a great role in decreasing the pains you will feel during childbirth, making your overall experience a much relaxing one.