Keeping Your Employees Happy And Healthy

As the owner of a company you are liable for the health and well being of your employees in more than one way. For an instance, if you overwork your employees and leave them at a risk of getting sick you might be in trouble for this. Not only because the law binds you; it’s important that you treat your employees well. There are certain rules and codes of conduct that should be followed in an office. It is your duty to ensure that you follow these properly. There are many things to keep in mind when you are keeping your employees happy. Here are a few tips for you.

Have Office Workouts

You can get a professional pilates instructor in Singapore to come to the office once a week and ensure that all the employees get the benefit of a workout class. This does not have to be during office hours, it can be after office ours. However, you may want to make sure the employees do not have to pay for this as this might motivate them to stay on and take part in the class. Ensure that you think about this.

Encourage Personal Fitness Goals

If you feel like your employees are overworked and that they have no time to get some exercise in, it is important that you encourage them to have personal fitness goals. You can ask them to think about things like hiring a pilates trainer alone or in groups with their office colleagues. Ensure that you let them off work early at some points in the week so that they have time to work on their personal selves. This is important for them and the company.

Encourage Good Eating Habits

The office is the place where a lot of people tend to over eat and eat a lot of junk food. Therefore, it is important that you encourage good eating habits. You may do this in several ways. You can have posters all over the office encouraging them to eat healthy and reasons to eat healthy along with the benefits of eating healthy. This way, they will see this every day and it will be good for them to follow as well.

Offer Counselling

One thing that is lacking in most offices is a counsellor. If you really want to make sure you employees are fine and happy, you may want to have a counsellor in the office so that your employees have someone to talk about whenever they want. Ensure that you hire someone good for this purpose as it is a very important thing.