How To Get Started On Cleaning The Windows Of Your Car

Cleaning of car windows can be a difficult task because of their irregular angle, placement and shape of the windows. Some of the cleaning can sometimes end up damaging and scratching the windows if not carried out properly. Thus, this article has compiled a few useful techniques and tips which you can use to clean your car windows and make them clean and bright without much difficulty.

Clean your windows last
When cleaning and washing up your car, make sure to always leave the windows of your car last to be cleaned. This is because it prevents the windows getting more grime and dirt smudges from the rest of the car so leaving it to the last will help you get rid of the dirt and grime once and for all even if your car windows have quality window films on them.

Park the car in the shade
Although, this might seem obvious, it is sometimes forgotten or overlooked when cleaning your car. Cars usually absorb a lot of heat very quickly so parking it in the shade will help cool the body of the car making it easier for you to touch it easily and also it will prevent water or any cleaning solutions from evaporating too quickly. This is applicable to all cars regardless of whether the car windows are protected by solar films or otherwise.

Cleaning supplies
The most common window cleaning solutions are usually ammonia based and these can be damaging to some of the car windows especially ones that have tinting films on them. Thus, it is important to use the correct cleaning solutions that are available for only automotive purposes. These can be purchased in local hardware or automotive stores or even in the automotive sections of any large supermarkets. Read the labels when buying these as concentrated cleaning formula will typically need to be diluted with water to give the best results. The rest of the cleaning supplies include microfiber cloth that easily grab on to tiny dust particles, distilled water and a sponge. For further information you can definitely click this site for solar film for windows.

Getting started
It is important to get started on the front and rear window of the car first as it is the largest two windows and also the most difficult to clean due to its positioning. Make sure to spray in a generous amount of cleaning solution on to these two windows at different times rubbing the windows clean each time. The direction in which you apply pressure and rub the windows will depend and the more movements you make the easier it will be to spot any smudges or spots.