Executive Condominium Parc Life – Housing Beyond Income Inequality

The social recreational space offered by a condominium is an advantage.  With the income gap between the high-income group, middle income group and the low-income group being very wide, the government is particular about leveraging the income inequality by providing economic housing solutions by way of executive condominiums.  The EC policy is a great way to help aspiring middle class buyers to be able to get residential condominium housing much below the market rate.

Identifying Your Choicest Property

Explore the e-brochure to understand the Executive Condominium Parc Life properties.  The brochure will provide you with all the information you need to understand Parc Life EC in Sembawang from all perspectives ranging from understanding the site plan, the floor plan, and the surrounding environment of the property. Depending upon the amount of money you can arrange to buy the property you can proceed to deciding on identifying your choicest property from the Parc Life EC Balance Units.

Sale and Purchase agreement

A cash payment of 5% is usually made towards buying the property.  This is important to avail the option of purchasing from the developer.  The schedule of the progress of the payment will then be given and it will be duly given in the Sale and Purchase agreement for the EC Parc Life payment.  To complete the property purchase you need to proceed with the legal processes, the payment formalities and the documentation processes as accorded for the Parc Life Executive Condominium.

Buy Via the Standard Payment Scheme

You will be saving money when you buy via the standard payment scheme.  In this scheme, you will make payments in different stages of the construction process starting from the grant of the option to purchase through the expiry of the defects of the liability period. If you are to commit to buying the property for the first time at EC Parc Life you have to understand different tenancy types like the joint tenancy, tenancy in common, and other permitted tenancy types.

Basic Residential Facility

Once the purchase is over the Executive Condominium Parc Life can serve to be the ideal residential solution.  The built to order possibilities are becoming increasingly common in flats and condominiums.  You can request for minor alterations during the partition walls of unit to suit your preferences.  While these condominiums are not meant to fulfill the fantasies of escape, they are actually meant to provide for basic residential facility to those who are looking for a permanent residence.

High tech advancements, high-speed global transactions, and progression in cultural values of family hood are changing by the order of the day.  However, the need for a permanent home within affordability is a basic human need.  And, condominiums are ideal solutions to help with the process.