What You Should Know About Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is a very important time in your child’s development. It is when he/she first leaves the safe confines of their home and finds themselves in a new environment interacting with new people. This will give them a new outlook on the world around them.
There are so many things a child could learn from preschool from academic pursuits to creative aspects. They will first become acclimatize to letters, numbers, words and shapes. This will help them navigate the surrounding world. They will also learn to interact with other children, teachers and learn about society and how to get along with other people. We pick up so many things from our friends and family. They can learn from their peers as well.
There are preschool enrichment in Singapore programmes that will help your child hone their motor skills and mental agility. They will learn to manipulate objects and analyse certain situations. Experience is key to learning. If you have done something in practice, it will become easier for you to remember something. Not only academic knowledge, they will learn about empathy and how to help a fellow classmate. Kindergarten is crucial to nurturing healthy habits.
You will know your child better than anyone so it is up to you to select a kindergarten with the ideal environment for them. Know what you value the most. Do you want them to have academic leanings or creative leanings? Do you want your child to grow in a strict and guided environment or an environment that allows for improvisations? Different playschools will have different philosophies when it comes to teaching children. Make sure you acquire a clear understanding of what they prioritise in and what their goals for the children are. Know how your children spend their free time and how they are disciplined for bad behaviour. Their environment should facilitate learning and they should feel at ease to explore and inquire.
How the kindergarten teaches your child is also important. Children learn better through activity. A sit down environment with a rigid atmosphere is not conducive to learning. There has to be space to nurture young imagination. For this, you need teachers that understand the young psych. You can visit the nursery before you choose one so that you are clear on the teaching methods used. You can also get recommendations from neighbours, friends and family.
Your schedule will also play a role in the decision making process. Can you drop off and pick up your child at the given times? It will be easier if the kindergarten is located near your home or office. There are so many places to apply for and you may have to start early to snatch a spot in the kindergarten of your choice.

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